No One Understands! Lessons for Lonely Sufferers

When I was a high-school freshman, my school in Central Asia was attacked by terrorists. No children were killed, though five adults (including two believers) were. My family eventually moved to London and I returned to a boarding school I’d attended the previous year.I leaned hard on my friends for support. Being 13-year-old kids, though,... Read more

Jesus Understands | Devotional by Max Lucado

[ad_1] Who will love me? I really feel so previous. Unloved. Undesirable. Deserted. I simply need to cry and sleep without end Its a cry. Are you able to hear it? The divorced. The deserted little one. A one-night stand. A silent cellphone. Cries of loneliness. Probably the most gut-wrenching cry of loneliness in historydidnt... Read more