What I Wish White People Understood About Being Black in America | RELEVANT Magazine

Id like to take you through the past few months for me. Typically, my resting heart rate is 80-85 BPM. This is when Im properly caring for myself, eating well and exercising. Its high, due to childhood trauma. Sleep is so-so. The pandemic began. Quarantine set in. The sudden loss and lack of structure... Read more

Ravi Zacharias, a man who understood the human search for meaning and dedicated his life to preaching around the globe

Ravi Zacharias(Photo: RZIM)The first time I met Ravi Zacharias I was doing postgraduate work in theology and hoping to one day serve the Lord with apologetics. Our mutual friend Michael Ramsden invited my husband and me to have dinner with Ravi and we found ourselves sharing an Indian meal and conversation that would change the... Read more