‘Unique’ Christian artefact uncovered at Hadrian’s Wall

A fragment with Christian symbols etched across it(Photo: The Vindolanda Trust)A "unique" discovery at Hadrian's Wall is offering a tantalising glimpse into early Christianity in Britain. Archaeologists found "incredibly rare" fragments of a chalice buried in the rubble of a former 6th century church at Vindolanda, a ruined Roman fort that lies just south of... Read more

The Deaf face unique challenges during COVID-19

International (MNN) — Along with the rest of society, Deaf people are struggling during pandemic lockdowns. But the Deaf struggle during COVID-19 comes with unique challenges. For one, most masks are not Deaf-friendly, since many Deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals rely on lip-reading along with sign language. Some masks are being produced or used at hospitals... Read more

5 Features That Made the Early Church Unique

In the first three centuries, Christians were persecuted more than any other religious group. Because they refused to honor other gods or worship the emperor, they were seen as too exclusive, too narrow, and a threat to the social order. So why, if Christians were seen as offensive and were excluded from circles of influence... Read more

Palestinian Bible school faces distinctive challenges in COVID-19

[ad_1] Palestine (MNN) — Schools and universities world wide are asking crucial questions in gentle of COVID-19 lockdowns. What does schooling appear like every month throughout completely different phases of the pandemic? What ought to they do concerning the fall semester? Palestine remains to be on lockdown to comprise the unfold of the coronavirus, which... Read more

5 Options That Made the Early Church Distinctive

[ad_1] Within the first three centuries, Christians had been persecuted greater than another non secular group. As a result of they refused to honor different gods or worship the emperor, they had been seen as too unique, too slender, and a menace to the social order. So why, if Christians had been seen as offensive... Read more