300 Female Athletes Urge NCAA: Protect Women’s Sports from Transgender Overreach

300 Female Athletes Urge NCAA: Protect Women's Sports from Transgender Overreach More than 300 current and former college and professional female athletes signed a July 29 letter to the NCAA urging it to reject calls for a boycott of Idaho due to a new law that protects the integrity of womens sports.At issue... Read more

Over 100 faith leaders urge Democratic party to adopt pro-life policies

(Photo: Pexels/Andreas Wohlfahrt)Over 100 faith leaders and theologians have signed an open letter to the Democrats calling on them to recognize the dignity of the unborn in their policy choices and move away from "abortion extremism".  The letter was compiled by the Democrats for Life coalition but signatories also include non-Democrats.  The faith leaders said... Read more

100 Faith Leaders Urge Democrats: Stop Supporting ‘Abortion Extremism’

100 Faith Leaders Urge Democrats: Stop Supporting 'Abortion Extremism' A coalition of more than 100 religious leaders and theologians, including some registered Democrats, sent an open letter to the Democratic platform committee Friday, urging it to reject taxpayer funding of abortion and to embrace policies that support legal protection for pre-born children.The committee... Read more

Faith leaders urge Chancellor to cancel debt of developing countries as they battle coronavirus

Faith groups played a key role in Christian Aid's Ebola response in Sierra Leone, including by distributing food to quarantined homes in the capital Freetown.(Photo: Christian Aid/A D'Unienville)The former Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Williams is among the faith leaders calling on the Chancellor to cancel the debts of developing countries battling the impact of coronavirus. ... Read more

Christian leaders urge Government to allow re-opening of churches

(Photo: Unsplash/Angela Baker)Church leaders are urging the Government to re-think plans to keep places of worship closed until July. The Bishop of Chichester, Dr Martin Warner, has written to MPs within his diocese to ask that they lobby for church buildings to re-open again. The open letter calls for an "urgent review of the continued closure of... Read more

MPs urge Boris Johnson to allow churches to re-open

(Photo: Pexels/Brett Sayles)A group of MPs has written to Boris Johnson questioning why shoppers can go to a "busy supermarket" but people in need of spiritual sustenance cannot go to a largely empty church to pray. The letter, seen by The Telegraph, calls for churches to re-open to allow people to come in for private prayer, weddings... Read more