Calls for urgent investigation into DIY abortion deaths

(Photo: Pexels/Andreas Wohlfahrt)There are calls for the Department of Health to launch an urgent investigation into deaths linked to DIY abortions.  A leaked email, which came to light during a hearing at the Court of Appeal this week, exposed the serious concerns of NHS staff about the 'pills by post' service being run by abortion... Read more

The tax system needs urgent overhauling so that everyone pays their fair share

(Photo: Unsplash/Kelly Sikkema)The British public believe in fairness. Everyone has the right to benefit from society, and everyone has a responsibility to contribute to it. We see this sense of fairness enshrined in our public services. This has been especially the case in respect of our NHS where the same healthcare is available to all... Read more

Call for urgent inquiry after court ruled man could be left to die

ReutersChristian Concern is calling for an urgent inquiry after the Court of Protection ruled that a man who did not want to live with a stoma bag could be left to die. The campaign group said the last wishes of the 34-year-old, named only as MSP in court papers, had been to receive treatment to live,... Read more

Pro-lifers call for urgent debate on Northern Ireland abortion laws

Pro-lifers are calling on members of the Northern Ireland Assembly hold an urgent debate and vote on abortion law to show they reject abortion up to birth for Down's syndrome and other disabilities.It comes after the Assembly found time to debate regulations relating to electric pedal cycles but have, so far, not found time to... Read more