Watch the Creator of ‘Veggie Tales’ Explain How Systemic Racism Works | RELEVANT Magazine

2020 does keep us all on our toes, forging all sorts of strange alliances and unlikely heroes. Among the latter: Phil Vischer. If you know him at all, it’s as the creator ofVeggie Talesand voice of Bob the Tomato. But these days, he’s also doing some exceedingly great work helping educate white people about... Read more

‘Veggie Tales’ Creator Phil Vischer: ‘Racial Injustice Has Benefited Me’ | RELEVANT Magazine

Over at Holy Post,Veggie Talesarchitect Phil Vischer has written an interesting testimony about the ways he’s uncovered white privilege in his life, particularly in the ways it aided the creation of his animation studio Big Idea Entertainment. In detailing his own family history, Vischer does an excellent job of something that can be very... Read more