Free Download: Printable Verse Cards Tracing God’s Unfolding Grace

Meditate on Gods Word In Unfolding Grace, discover the overarching storyline of Gods Word as it is revealed through forty Scripture readings drawn from key points in the biblical narrative. Each passage, coupled with brief and accessible commentary, will help you follow Gods grace as it unfolds from Genesis through Revelation. Featuring 40 Scripture selections... Read more

The Most Terrifying Verse in the Bible – TGC Africa

The key ingredient to being an authentic Lagosian is the ability to change it for a person. This means: to lambaste a person, often after undue provocation. This is because Lagos, the Centre of Stresselence (stress and excellence), is full of patience-testers, arrogant frustraters, and the intentionally obtuse. If the patient dog gets the fattest... Read more

The Prosperity Gospels Slam-Dunk Verse?

[ad_1] Prosperity-gospel preachers are infamous for taking Scripture out of context and misapplying it. The passages they twist are primarily used as proof-texts to again up their declare that Gods will for each Christian is that they be wealthy, wealthy, wealthy! They promise that with sufficient religion (and a large enough providing), you'll be able... Read more

By no means Learn a Bible Verse (and By no means Hear To a Sermon Clip) – Tim Challies

[ad_1] Greg Koukl typically passes alongside a cheeky little tip associated to studying and understanding the Bible. If there was one little bit of knowledge, one rule of thumb, one single ability I might impart, one helpful tip I might depart that may serve you effectively the remainder of your life, what wouldn't it be?... Read more

Heres YouVersions Most Learn Bible Verse of 2019 | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] The makers of broadly used Bible app YouVersion have introduced the most-read Bible verse of 2019. And, given the state of world affairs, its not an enormous shock that its about overcoming fear. The verse is Phillippians 4:6 which reads,  Dont fear about something; as a substitute, pray about every little thing.... Read more