No, Science Cant Provide Morals: Why the New View (Still) Falls Short

We look to science for help now more than ever. If there’s a problem to solve, or a disagreement to settle, or a mystery to unravel, we’ve grown accustomed to consulting scientists first and trusting their expertise. Hardly anything is taken to be settled or even knowable until it receives the scientist’s imprimatur. But in... Read more

4 Reasons We Need a Biblical View of Humanity

Human Nature and the Gospel When we consider the view of personhood presented in Scripture, the question of whether we are mere brain machines or something more becomes a gospel question. In other words, the integrity of the gospel proclamation is undermined if we reject a biblical view of humanity, because, in large part, it... Read more

Barna says Next Gen Christians view missions differently – Mission Network News

USA (MNN) — You might support missions but question its ethics if youre under the age of 35, according to the latest study from Barna Research. A third of young adults describe Christian missions past as unethical; 42-percent point to colonialism as a cause for concern. TWRs Jon Fugler is a member of the Alliance... Read more

God Disguised as Michael Jordan (and My Evolving View of Sports)

That was God disguised as Michael Jordan. Larry Bird uttered those famous words after watching a young Jordan torch his team for 63 points in the 1986 playoffs. The quote has become part of Jordan lore, words that testify to his greatness. But when it was featured in The Last Dance, ESPNs blockbuster documentary series... Read more

Study: Just 30% of Americans Have a Positive View of Evangelicals | RELEVANT Magazine

Research: Simply 30% of People Have a Optimistic View of Evangelicals | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] The analysis company Barna has launched their new Model of Evangelicals report, and it finds that almost all People dont suppose very extremely of evangelicals. In actual fact, simply 30 p.c of adults within the nation have a optimistic view of evangelicals (H/T Christian Submit). The rationale for the unfavorable views? Politics.... Read more