Cultivating Christlike Virtue in a Virtue-Signaling Age

In You Are What You Love, James K. A. Smith critiques American evangelicalism for equating knowledge with spiritual maturity. What we think is often prized above all, leading to bobblehead Christianity. Like the guy at the gym with big biceps and tiny calves, though, when we have inflated heads and shriveled hearts, our spiritual training... Read more

The Non-Negotiable Advantage in Management

[ad_1] Pass over one ingredient and the entire recipe falls aside. Some issues are simply important. Relating to main others, the duty is unimaginable with out belief. Thats as a result of belief is on the coronary heart of management. If youre referred to as to guide, youre referred to as to steward the belief... Read more

The Most Essential Advantage Folks Overlook | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Every time my father prayed, he prayed out loud. As a boy, I might stand outdoors his research at house with my ear cupped in opposition to the door. I listened to him pray for me, for us, for the world, and to obtain the Holy Spirits unction, a phrase he appreciated... Read more