Abortions soar in England and Wales after introduction of DIY scheme

REUTERS/Mario AnzuoniThere has been a significant rise in abortions across England and Wales after the Government relaxed regulations so that women could end their pregnancies at home during the pandemic. Latest figures from the Department of Health and Social Care out today show that 109,836 abortions were performed for English and Welsh residents in the... Read more

Meeting of Church in Wales Governing Body postponed over technical issues

Archbishop John DaviesThe Church in Wales has had to call off the annual meeting of its Governing Body due to technical issues.  The meeting began on Wednesday but had to be halted and adjourned after a few hours because of problems with the software used for registering votes.  The technical issues meant that no votes... Read more

Abortions in England and Wales reach record high

(Photo: Unsplash/Janko Ferli)New Government figures reveal that abortions in England and Wales have reached an all time high, with thousands of pregnancies terminated last year on the grounds of disability alone.Statistics released today by the Department of Health and Social Care reveal 207,384 abortions for women resident in England and Wales in 2019, an increase of... Read more

Overcoming Darkness in Wales by Church Planting

[ad_1] The next is an uncorrected transcript generated by a transcription service. Earlier than quoting in print, please test the corresponding audio for accuracy. Tony Merida: Welcome to “Churches Planting Churches,” a podcast on the theology and apply of church planting. I’m your host, Tony Merida. Cardiff is the capital metropolis of Wales and in... Read more