‘Unique’ Christian artefact uncovered at Hadrian’s Wall

A fragment with Christian symbols etched across it(Photo: The Vindolanda Trust)A "unique" discovery at Hadrian's Wall is offering a tantalising glimpse into early Christianity in Britain. Archaeologists found "incredibly rare" fragments of a chalice buried in the rubble of a former 6th century church at Vindolanda, a ruined Roman fort that lies just south of... Read more

When You Face a Wall of Worry | Devotional by Max Lucado

[ad_1] Maybe standing earlier than you is a wall of concern. Brick upon brick of tension and dread. Haunting you're the kings of confusion. Because of them, youve struggled together with your identification and future. Youve purchased the lie that life has no absolutes or objective. As a toddler of God, it comes right down... Read more