Hong Kong priests warned over ‘instigating hatred’

(Photo: Unsplash/JJ Ying)Catholic priests in Hong Kong have been warned over the content of their sermons after the implementation of the National Security Law.  The Tablet reports that Cardinal John Hong Ton has written to priests asking that they refrain from "instigating hatred and social disorder".  Sermons should not "lose touch" with the "concrete situation of... Read more

Parents warned over graphic sex education in schools

(Photo: Unsplash/Nils Stahl)Parents are being urged to protect their children from sexualization and gender confusion by way of graphic sex education curricula in public schools. Scholars and activists say parents must find out what their children are being taught and equip themselves to combat such programs. In a virtual summit hosted by the Heritage Foundation,... Read more

Churches warned to prepare for ‘tidal wave of poverty’

Christian charity The Trussell Trust has reported an increase in demand for emergency food parcels during the pandemic(Photo: The Trussell Trust)As church leaders are studying government guidelines, working out how safely to open their churches for public worship, they are being urged to be ready to respond to the lasting impact of the pandemic on... Read more