Wayne Grudem on Trump: ‘a Good President With Some Flaws’ | RELEVANT

Even if you don’t know Dr. Wayne Grudem’s name, you’ve almost certainly encountered his influence. Few modern theologians have had more influence on American evangelicalism than Grudem, whose Systematic Theology is considered definitive for a lot of evangelical training. He’s also written more than twenty books, like Christian Ethics, PoliticsAccording to the Bible,and was the... Read more

Pre-Order New Edition of Wayne Grudems Systematic Theology

Wayne Grudem is distinguished research professor of theology and biblical studies at Phoenix Seminary in Phoenix, Arizona. The author of more than 25 books, he is the author of Systematic Theology, releasing later this year in a new edition for the first time. What led you to write Systematic Theology? When I first started teaching... Read more

Exploring Americas Love of a Steely Savior in Jesus and John Wayne – Christ and Pop Culture

If, tomorrow, Hollywood handed you the keys to a major motion picture about the life of Jesus, who would you cast as the lead? Someone like Oscar Isaac, brimming with hangdog charisma? No doubt Adam Driver could navigate the many moods of Jesusfrom holy sarcasm to matchless compassionin a few easy moves. Sifting risks and... Read more

Reminder: Wayne Grudem Mentioned Evangelicals Will Lose Any Excessive Ethical Floor by Voting for Rudy Giuliani in 2007 | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] This week, theologian, ethicists and writer Wayne Grudem penned an article known as Trump Ought to Not Be Faraway from Workplace: A Response to Mark Galli and Christianity Right this moment. The piece (which we made the case misses Mark Gallis level) is in response to a CT article making the case... Read more

Theologian Wayne Grudems Takedown of Christianity Todays Anti-Trump Piece Misses the Level | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] This week, theologian Wayne Grudem penned a bit known as, “Trump Ought to Not Be Faraway from Workplace: A Response to Mark Galli and Christianity In the present day for the conservative web site Townhall.  The CT piece, titled “Trump Ought to Be Faraway from Workplace” was so explosive, it even drew... Read more

Theologian Wayne Grudem Has Modified His Thoughts About Divorce in Circumstances of Abuse | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] For years, biblical theologian and starch defender of complementarianism Wayne Grudem has mentioned that for Christians, divorce was solely permissible in instances of infidelity and desertion. However on Tuesday, Grudem informed Christianity Immediately that some new biblical analysis has modified his thoughts, and he now believes bodily and emotional abuse is grounds... Read more