4 Ways to Process Quarantine–What Just Happened?

Ive always been interested in how the brain workshow it takes every bit of information we receive and stores it in a complex filing system. Then, after our memories have been tucked away, they are later retrieved by an outside cue that causes us to revisit that particular time or event.According to this article, Remembering... Read more

Four Ways A Day Off is Practice for Heaven | Pastor Mark Driscoll

04 Jun Four Ways A Day Off is Practice for Heaven Posted at 03:00h in Daily Devotions by Mark Driscoll Hebrews 4:9-11 So then, there remains a Sabbath rest for the people of God, for whoever has entered Gods rest has also rested from his works as God did from his. Let us therefore strive... Read more

10 Ways to Let Go of a Toxic Relationship

Even as painful as toxic relationships can be, they can be even more painful to let go of. Here are 10 ways to invite God's healing into your life. Angrily, I set out alone at midnight to retrieve my car on foot. A major thunderstorm was brewing, but I was so mad I didnt care.... Read more

12 Notable Quotes from 12 Ways Your Phone Is Changing You

This article is part of the Notable Quotes series. Changed, But How? Technology is not itself bad, nor is it innocuous. Though were not all aware of how we are being changed by our digital habits, we are being changed nonetheless. Particularly as Christians, we can and should be thoughtful about our use of technology,... Read more

4 Ways to Read the Book of Revelation – TGC Africa

Christians disagree on many doctrines and practices within the broader Christian faith. Not least of these is the nature of the events surrounding the return of Christ. Will there be seven years of tribulation? Is the Beast a specific individual, an institution, or merely symbolic? Does the fall of Babylon in the book of Revelation... Read more

Four Ways to Be Prepared for Any Crisis (Big or Small) – Girlfriends in God – May 25, 2020

May 25, 2020Four Ways to Be Prepared for Any Crisis (Big or Small)Kathi LippToday's TruthPeace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid (John 14:27, NIV).Friend to FriendMy friend, Susy, told me... Read more

9 Ways Emotions Play a Role in Theological Diversity

Complex Human Beings Because human beings are complex creatures with reason, will, and emotion, no reductionistic scheme that pigeonholes us as purely intuitive or purely rational beings can explain why we reason or why we dissent the way we do. Insights from neuroscience and social psychology, such as Haidts social intuitionist model of moral psychology,... Read more

10 Ways Pastors Can Encourage Church Attendance

Since coming to faith in Christ at age 15, Ive had a strong desire to gather with the body of Christ. Even hearing not-so-stellar preaching and being with cantankerous people, I always loved gathering with Gods people. When isolation due to chemotherapy kept me from church for four months in 2019, my deepest longing was... Read more

5 Ways Exodus Confronts Our Secular Age

Exodus is epic. An underdog leader of a slave nation stands up to the world’s most powerful man. Hail, frogs, flies, and rivers of blood plague the most prosperous nation on the planet. God miraculously divides a major body of water so his people can escape their captors. Thats just the first half. No wonder... Read more

10 of the Best Ways to Love on Your Mom This Mother’s Day

“Charm is deceptive, and beauty if fleeting; but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised.” Proverbs 31:30This Mother’s Day, many of us will still be reeling from the corona virus pandemic. Many moms have added “homeschooling,” and “coach,” to their resumes amidst the normal laundry lists of tasks, and for many of us,... Read more

TGC Podcast: 6 Ways to Watch Your Heart in Ministry

The following is an uncorrected transcript generated by a transcription service. Before quoting in print, please check the corresponding audio for accuracy. Ellen Dykas: I’d like to begin our time this afternoon with a letter. “Dear friends and faithful supporters, I want to thank you for your years of support in so many ways. But... Read more

10 Ways to Make a Fresh Start After Quarantine

I laid on the trampoline in the backyard staring at the sky as the sun warmed my face. These new rhythms of life have done something in my soul. God has used them to reveal places of my life that need a desperate working out.I feel as though God had to take away all the... Read more

10 Ways to Make Your Mom Feel Truly Loved

Betsy St. Amant Haddox iBelieve Contributing Writer A mothers love is a beautiful gift. God uniquely designed mothers with instincts, desires, and abilities that reflect His own nurturing and loving care for us. He has equipped moms in a special way, not only with the ability to bear and deliver a child, but also spiritually,... Read more

5 Ways Women Leaders Can Deal with Adversity

5. Ruthlessly Deal with Personal Fear The more chaotic or uncertain our world feels, the more likely we are to respond from fear rather than faith. This means, when adversity hits, we need to be extra diligent to remain close to Christ. Hes our power source (John 15:1-4), Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9:6), an ever-present... Read more

5 Ways to Disciple Your Teen While in Quarantine

I have two teenagers. When they got word their schools were going online in light of COVID-19 and theyd be spending more time at home, they high-fived each other. Then they gave my wife and me big hugs, exclaiming, More time with our parents? Our prayers have been answered! Okay, thats not even close to... Read more

20 Special Ways to Celebrate Seniors Who Won’t Get a Graduation

We want to do something. Our graduates have worked hard. To not be able to celebrate the incredible accomplishment of 13 years of schooling is hard on a graduates heart and their parents too. Theyve spent somewhere around 2,340 hours doing schooling, and you want to honor them for the accomplishment of making it to... Read more

6 Ways to Encourage Online Giving

Churches are facing a new reality, and no one yet knows when it will end or how it will ultimately affect Christians. Two factors have collided: a rapid freefall in the stock market and the inability to gather for in-person worship. We have some familiarity with the first factor. Many pastors remember the effect of... Read more

25 Ways to Worship God on YouTube

I dont know about you, but the importance of worship music in my life has become only more pronounced in recent weeks. Not only does worship music provide comfort and healthy theological orientation in these surreal and scary times, but it also reminds us never again to take for granted the beauty of corporate singing... Read more

3 Ways to Keep Social Media from Stealing Your Joy

Social media often seems to reflect the opposite values of God’s kingdom. Jesus said, Blessed are the peacemakers. Social media often seems to bless the outraged. Jesus said, Blessed are the meek. Social media often seems to bless the narcissistic. Im grateful for many godly Christian leaders who model an edifying use of social media.... Read more

10 Simple Ways to Evangelize During a Pandemic

A few days ago I heard a friend say, The gospel cant be quarantined. Im grateful hes correct. People around the world face fear, isolation, and loss of their regular flow of life. Many face significant financial and health issues that often bring spiritual issues to the forefront. People tend to be open to Christ... Read more

10 Ways to Celebrate the End of a Very Different School Year

If they cant celebrate in class together when theyd like, plan to gather for a pizza party in a park in late July. The kids will have enough time to miss each other to make it feel extra special. 10. Class Flipgrid:Flipgrid is a free platform where kids can upload short videos for their classmates. They... Read more

4 Ways to Disagree Graciously with Other Christians

Some Christians are eager to defend sound doctrine. Well and good. But is the unity of the body of Christ one of those doctrines we jealously guard? The unity of the church is one the objects of Christs death (Eph. 2:14). This, as much as anything else, is what the New Testament calls us to... Read more

6 Ways to Celebrate Birthdays (and Other Occasions) Apart

For those who have birthdays in the spring and summer, the current social-distancing dilemma has thrown quite a wrench in the toolbox of celebration. But its not only birthdays that are being affected. Its graduations, weddings, and baby showers as well. Many eagerly-planned and much-awaited events have been negatively affected by the untimely stay-at-home order.However,... Read more

3 Ways History Propels Us Forward in this Pandemic

The other day I read a headline claiming that first responders are collecting hundreds of bodies from homes each day in New York City, most of whom are believed to be unreported victims of the coronavirus. Where is the church at this moment?I wondered. Over the course of history, the church has made its presence... Read more

3 Ways Humor Can Help in Hard Times

If only we could put him on mute in real life, a weary dad quipped in my small group, whose 18-month-old could be heard shouting constantly and for no clear reason from his highchair in the background of our Zoom call. Its a joke that wouldnt have worked a few months ago, but life in... Read more

7 Ways to Fight Sin as a Family

Families face many challenges today. It can be difficult for families to cope with day-to-day life, let alone unravel themselves from the sins that entangle us. As parents, we dont want to see our children stuck in sin. We spend their formative years helping them to combat sin and live God-glorifying lives.But everyone stumbles into... Read more

Believers in oral cultures finding ways to be Jesuss hands during lockdown

USA (MNN) — The coronavirus has put a damper on the ministry models of ministries that rely on face-to-face interaction. Even Zoom and Skype arent helpful in communities with limited technology. Spoken Worldwide works with oral learners around the world to communicate Gospel stories and truths. But in an oral culture, trying to share Jesus... Read more

5 Ways Your Church Makes You Holy

Every six months, our family spends a Saturday morning at the church. We gulp down our breakfasts, lace up our sneakers, and tug on worn sweatshirts. We arrive sleepy-eyed and bed-headed. We are not attending a church event. In fact, we are usually the only people in the building. We are there to clean. After... Read more

4 Ways Paul Encourages Us to Love the Church (Even When Its Hard)

Four Methods Paul Encourages Us to Love the Church (Even When Its Laborious)

[ad_1] Magnificence on the Inside Across the nook from the place I dwell, a home is on the market. In daring inexperienced letters, the garden signal reads: Im Beautiful Inside! The message is shocking. From the road, the home is totally bizarre, even run-down. Its a seventies-era raised ranch with dingy white vinyl siding and... Read more

8 Ways Temptation Actually Works for Our Good - Tim Challies

eight Methods Temptation Really Works for Our Good – Tim Challies

[ad_1] Temptation is a common expertise. If Jesus himself didn't escape it, we might be sure that we are going to not both. It may be troublesome to see any good in temptation, but we all know that God has promised to work all issues for our goodeven temptation. Thomas Watson addresses this in his... Read more

4 Ways to Practice Theological Humility

four Methods to Observe Theological Humility

[ad_1] Humility Is the Option to Unity Some Christians are desirous to defend sound doctrine. Properly and good. However is the unity of the physique of Christ a type of doctrines we jealously guard? The unity of the church is one the objects of Christs dying (Eph. 2:14). This, as a lot as something, is... Read more

3 Ways COVID Cures Porn Addiction

Three Methods COVID Cures Porn Habit

[ad_1] COVID is altering every part. We dont know the way precisely, however its clear that issues won't ever be the identical. I've to be sincere; the size of this example feels just like September 11, 2001. It is a international state of affairs that can have long-term international ramifications.I'm ever the opportunist. I notice... Read more

His Ways Are Not Our Ways

His Methods Are Not Our Methods

[ad_1] This text is a part of the Mild and Lowly: A 14-Day Devotional sequence. Day 13 Search the LORD whereas he could also be discovered;name upon him whereas he's close to;let the depraved forsake his approach,and the unrighteous man his ideas;let him return to the LORD, that he might have compassion on him,and to... Read more

5 Ways the COVID-19 Pandemic Points Us to the Gospel

5 Methods the COVID-19 Pandemic Factors Us to the Gospel

[ad_1] Keep in mind the Gospel Like most of you, Im hunkered down right here in my loft, not going exterior, distancing myself from individuals. Its significantly vital for me as a result of I've a compromised immune system, and I'm within the high-risk class for this pandemic that has unfold throughout the globe. Listed... Read more

4 Ways to Help a Hurting Friend | RELEVANT Magazine

four Methods to Assist a Hurting Buddy | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Editor’s notice: This piece initially ran in 2019. A few years in the past my life was upended. You most likely know the kind of factor Im referring toa main loss, a recreation changer. The devastation uprooted me, so it was a grounding grace when mates got here in softly and pulled... Read more

Show Me Your Ways | Devotional by Phil Ware

Present Me Your Methods | Devotional by Phil Ware

[ad_1] Present me your methods, O LORD, train me your paths; information me in your reality and train me, for you might be God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day lengthy. Psalm 25:4-5 Thought Life might be so complicated. There are such a lot of decisions for us as we determine... Read more

6 Ways to Lead Your Family in Isolation

6 Methods to Lead Your Household in Isolation

[ad_1] For 12 years, our household of six would make a 22-hour, 1,200-mile, two-day trek from New England to Alabama to see grandparents. Shopping for airline tickets for all of us was not in our price range. As we strapped ourselves, astronaut-like, into our beloved minivan for our 22 hours of compelled confinement, the query... Read more

6 Ways to Encourage Online Giving

6 Methods to Encourage On-line Giving

[ad_1] Church buildings are dealing with a brand new actuality, and nobody but is aware of when it's going to finish or the way it will finally have an effect on Christians. Two elements have collided: a fast freefall within the inventory market and the lack to assemble for in-person worship. We've some familiarity with... Read more

7 Ways Christians Should Deal With Stress and Anxiety | RELEVANT Magazine

7 Methods Christians Ought to Deal With Stress and Anxiousness | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] Ive all the time thought of myself to be an individual who handles stress fairly nicely. I prefer to be busy. I take pleasure in taking dangers. I by no means thought anxiousness was my downside. Then, rather less than a 12 months in the past, I hit a wall. I may... Read more

4 Ways to Fight Boredom

four Methods to Struggle Boredom

[ad_1] Let’s be actual; COVID-19 is altering the whole lot in our lives proper now. Cities are shut down, individuals are confined to their properties, and the financial system is extraordinarily unstable. We live in unprecedented instances.Probably the most regarding ingredient of this pandemic is how many individuals are caught at house, left to their... Read more

16 Ways Pastors Can Work for Unity in Politically Divisive Times

16 Methods Pastors Can Work for Unity in Politically Divisive Occasions

[ad_1] Guard in opposition to Division Because the tradition presses onerous in opposition to the church, untrue compromise will all the time be one menace. But Mark Dever has noticed that there's one other menace that conservative Christians ought to be careful for: balkanization, or dividing into 100 items. One Christian says we should this;... Read more

9 Ways to Work Efficiently from Home

9 Methods to Work Effectively from Dwelling

[ad_1] I attempt to take a design method to most of life. I start by assessing my particular context, fastidiously figuring out issues, and designing the instruments I’ll want for no matter must be finished. This method can be utilized for day by day habits or creating a book-publishing technique at work. It will also... Read more

9 Ways to Love Your Neighbor in This Pandemic

9 Methods to Love Your Neighbor in This Pandemic

[ad_1] On August 17, 2017, automobiles packed the interstates surrounding Houston as folks scrambled to evacuate. Hurricane Harvey was headed in, and thousands and thousands had been headed out. The subsequent morning, an image went viral. It was a line of vehicles pulling boats. These automobiles additionally crawled, bumper to bumper on the interstate, however... Read more

Here Are a Few Ways to Love Your Neighbor Well in Coronavirus Season | RELEVANT Magazine

Right here Are a Few Methods to Love Your Neighbor Nicely in Coronavirus Season | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] We’re residing in unprecedented instances, which as all the time require unprecedented measures. Because the unfold of coronavirus threatens an unprecedented check for our world healthcare infrastructure, it additionally supplies an unprecedented alternative to like others, and that’s a chance we shouldn’t let go us by. Staying indoors as a lot as... Read more

Double Vision: Greta Gerwigs Little Women Shows Us the Goodness of Different Ways of Life - Christ and Pop Culture

Double Imaginative and prescient: Greta Gerwigs Little Girls Reveals Us the Goodness of Totally different Methods of Life – Christ and Pop Tradition

[ad_1] Since Greta Gerwigs acclaimed movie model of Little Girls hit theaters, viewers and critics have been debating the ending. Youd be justified in asking, Which ending? The one the place Jo March (Saoirse Ronan) giddily chases down her departed suitor in a carriage, her sisters by her facet, and theres a romantic, rain-drenched reunion... Read more

3 Ways to Fight Your Fears

Three Methods to Struggle Your Fears

[ad_1] Years in the past, I grappled with the fixed worry of my Lyme illness reactivating and the potential accidents that will additional debilitate my already weak physique. Each day, I wrestled with what the longer term would possibly maintain: Will I ever be healed from Lyme? Will I get my power again, or will... Read more

5 Ways Jesus Is the True and Better Job

5 Methods Jesus Is the True and Higher Job

[ad_1] Job is known for his struggling. Within the area of some chapters, raiders seize his donkeys and camels, hearth consumes his sheep and shepherds, and a twister collapses a constructing on high of his little children (Job 1:1319). Not solely that, Job himself is stricken with a loathsome pores and skin illness (Job 2:7).... Read more