The Wise Builder | Devotional by Max Lucado

Obedience leads to blessing. Disobedience leads to trouble! Remember Jesus parable about the two builders who each built a house? One built on cheap, easy-to-access-sand. The other built on costly, difficult-to-reach rock. The second construction project demanded more time and expense, but when the spring rains turned the creek into a gulley washerguess which builder... Read more

Sipping Poison Wont Make You Wise (Take My Word for It!)

The wisest person isnt always the most experienced. I had to learn that the hard way. I graduated from high school as an evangelical kidinnocent enough to feel at home in church, yet insecure enough in that innocence to feel I was missing out on something. I wanted to add a layer of toughness to... Read more

Being Good or Being Sensible | Devotional by Julie Cosgrove

[ad_1] Is there a distinction? I believe being sensible typically depends on our personal cognitive talents. He certain is smart. That was a sensible answer you got here up with. What a sensible factor to do! We faucet into our personal data, be it by way of studying, finding out or experiences. Once we are... Read more

What Was the Star and How Did the Smart Males Know To Comply with It? – Tim Challies

[ad_1] This sponsored submit was supplied by ReformedPreacher.com. What was the star and the way did the smart males know to observe it? These are questions individuals are curious to have answered, particularly this time of yr. Through the Christmas season, many who're hostile to something Biblical, wont object to listening to in regards to... Read more