Ohio County Backs Down, Wont Force Minister to Perform Same-Sex Weddings

Ohio County Backs Down, Wont Force Minister to Perform Same-Sex Weddings A Christian business owner and ordained minister won a major religious liberty victory Friday when an Ohio county agreed not to force her to perform same-sex weddings under a controversial non-discrimination law.The law in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, prohibits discrimination in places of public accommodation... Read more

North Carolina Megachurch Says It Won’t Reopen until There Is a COVID-19 Vaccine

North Carolina Megachurch Says It Won't Reopen until There Is a COVID-19 Vaccine One of North Carolinas largest churches, World Overcomers Christian Church, says it will not hold in-person services until a vaccine for coronavirus is developed.When our people are able to come back together, theyre going to want to greet one another and hug... Read more

John Piper Is Making It Clear Why He ‘Probably’ Won’t Be Voting for Trump | RELEVANT

Over on John Piper’s Desiring God site, the famous pastor and author has put together a lengthy post on his thoughts on an upcoming election you may have heard about. While Piper studiously avoids mentioning either candidate by name, it doesn’t take a scholar to piece together what he’s talking about. Contrary to around 80... Read more

Being cross about Covid won’t help

(Photo: Unsplash/VeraDavidova)Twenty-five years ago, I was sitting on a park bench in Sheffield feeling very sorry for myself. I had blown it - again. I doubt I'm the only one who's ever been embarrassed by being stuck in a behavioural loop our own worst enemy. For me it was about my desperate search for a... Read more

Harris Won’t Say if Biden Would ‘Pack’ the Supreme Court by Adding His Own Justices

Harris Won't Say if Biden Would 'Pack' the Supreme Court by Adding His Own Justices Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris refused to say during Wednesdays debate whether she and presidential nominee Joe Biden support a court-packing proposal to add seats to the U.S. Supreme Court, responding with an answer that reflected Bidens own silence... Read more

When It Comes to Grief, Answers Won’t Fix Everything | RELEVANT

Mystery is part of life and part of faith. Not mystery as riddle or puzzle, which suggests someone holding us in ignorance for a while or playing games with us. The other meaning of mystery is realities that are so large, so complex and so high that our limited minds cannot comprehend them. Mystery as... Read more

Biden Wont Reveal if He Backs ‘Court-Packing,’ Says Trump Is Violating ‘Constitutional Principle’

Biden Wont Reveal if He Backs 'Court-Packing,' Says Trump Is Violating 'Constitutional Principle' Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden refused Monday to say whether he supports proposals by several prominent Democrats to add seats to the U.S. Supreme Court if President Trump and Republicans fill the vacancy left by the death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.Trump said... Read more

Paul Tripp on Leaders Who Wont Flame Out – The Gospel Coalition

The following is an uncorrected transcript generated by a transcription service. Before quoting in print, please check the corresponding audio for accuracy. Collin Hansen: A number of years ago, I grew distressed with a number of friends and colleagues who had left the ministry and made controversy and scandal. I tried to learn what had... Read more

The Covid blame game won’t help anyone

(Photo: Unsplash/John Cameron)It's more than half gone, but 2020 feels like a year that might be best removed from the calendar. There are echoes from the song in Jesus Christ Superstar: 'Could we start again please?' Such disruption of everything, on a global scale. Just when it seemed that we were coming out of this... Read more

Trans women won’t be able to play in women’s rugby tournaments

(Photo: Unsplash/Edgar Pimenta)Trans women will no longer be able to play in female rugby tournaments under plans being drawn up by its international governing body.  World Rugby allowed trans women to play women's rugby if their testosterone levels were reduced for at least a year but this is to change,The Telegraph reports, following a review of... Read more

A Growing Number of Pastors Believe Their Churches Won’t Meet In-Person until 2021

A Growing Number of Pastors Believe Their Churches Won't Meet In-Person until 2021 A growing number of pastors believe their churches will not meet in person until 2021 because of the coronavirus.As Christian Headlines previously reported, last week, Andy Stanley, pastor at North Point Community Church in suburban Atlanta announced that they would... Read more

Millions of Kids Wont Be at School This Fall. Christians Can Step Up to Serve.

This week California announced that the 20202021 school year will start online for several of its most populous counties. Many such announcements will likely be made across the country. For millions of Americans, the prospect of their kids doing school at home this fall presents yet another unprecedented challenge. When I served in the military,... Read more

Mike Pence Warns: ‘You Won’t Be Safe in Joe Biden’s America’

Mike Pence Warns: 'You Won't Be Safe in Joe Biden's America' With the 2020 Presidential election four months away, Vice President Mike Pence stressed the importance of the choice that Americans have to make regarding the outcome of the nation.On Friday, Pence delivered a speech to about 50 at Ripon College in Wisconsin.... Read more

‘We Love You Too Much to Open Our Doors’: Andy Stanley Shares Why His Church Won’t Reopen until 2021

'We Love You Too Much to Open Our Doors': Andy Stanley Shares Why His Church Won't Reopen until 2021 In a rare interview spree, megachurch pastor Andy Stanley of North Point Ministries is speaking out on his churchs decision to not gather until 2021 in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.Stanley made the announcement... Read more

Sipping Poison Wont Make You Wise (Take My Word for It!)

The wisest person isnt always the most experienced. I had to learn that the hard way. I graduated from high school as an evangelical kidinnocent enough to feel at home in church, yet insecure enough in that innocence to feel I was missing out on something. I wanted to add a layer of toughness to... Read more

A Prayer for a Spouse Who Wont Communicate

Dear Lord,We feel defeated. Tired of striving for perfection, in ourselves and our marriages. Marriage is hard, help us remember the gift it can also be. The conflicts and communication problems are overwhelming.  May they be an invitation into a deeper connection, a thriving marriage.It is easy to put others on pedestals, especially our spouses.... Read more

Editing our history won’t benefit anyone

Robert Milligan's statue was removed from outside the Museum of London after anti-racism protests. Milligan owned two plantations and 526 slaves in Jamaica.(Photo: BBC News)I am no fan of Alistair Campbell but like him there are times when I feel just a little ashamed to be British. I used to be proud of the way we... Read more

Zondervan Won’t Promote Chris Heuertz after Accusations of Sexual Harassment

Zondervan Won't Promote Chris Heuertz after Accusations of Sexual Harassment (RNS) Zondervan, the Christian media and publishing company, is suspending promotion of two books and indefinitely halting a documentary by popular Enneagram teacher and best-selling author Christopher Heuertz after allegations by nearly three dozen people who saw or experienced spiritual and psychological abuse"... Read more

Christian Author Debunks Myth that Earthly Memories Won’t Exist in Heaven

Christian Author Debunks Myth that Earthly Memories Won't Exist in Heaven Christian author Randy Alcorn is refuting the idea that people will have no recollection of their earthly life when they reach Heaven.In a post titled "Let Go of Life About Heaven" on Desiring Gods website, Alcorn addressed eight myths people believe about... Read more

“Not a Priority:” Sheriff Says He Wont Enforce Nevadas Restriction on Churches

"Not a Priority:" Sheriff Says He Wont Enforce Nevadas Restriction on Churches A Nevada sheriff says he wont enforce a state restriction limiting churches and houses of worship to 50 attendees during the COVID-19 outbreak. Lyon County Sheriff Frank Hunewill was named as a defendant in a May lawsuit by a congregation, Calvary Chapel... Read more

12 Tasty Depression Era Recipes That Wont Break the Bank

Money is tight and food prices are rising. Tasty Depression Era recipes connect us with past generations and offer a great way to eat cleaner and cheaper!If youve had the privilege of knowing someone who lived through the Great Depression, more than likely you heard about the food they ate or didnt eat. Learning how... Read more

20 Special Ways to Celebrate Seniors Who Won’t Get a Graduation

We want to do something. Our graduates have worked hard. To not be able to celebrate the incredible accomplishment of 13 years of schooling is hard on a graduates heart and their parents too. Theyve spent somewhere around 2,340 hours doing schooling, and you want to honor them for the accomplishment of making it to... Read more

Take Heart, Pastor. Your Church Wont Be Empty Sunday.

This coming Lords Day, Im preparing to do something Ive never done before: preach to an entirely empty sanctuary. A stripped-down version of our service will be livestreamed from the church to our congregants as they watch from home or in small groups. Ill be one of hundreds, if not thousands, of ministers and worship... Read more

Jefferson Bethke: Pretending to Have It All Collectively Will not Assist Anybody | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] In unprecedented instances, its pure to search for something that may instill some sense of stability and confidence. If youre drowning, youll grasp at something that appears like a liferaft. Thats in all probability why so many individuals are attempting to challenge a way of experience. Thats why you would possibly see... Read more

When God Will not Take Away Your Nervousness | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] I didnt. You imply, you continue to really feel anxious? Once in a while, sure. You imply, God hasnt healed you from it? These questions are usually not unusual to me and I think about they’re not unusual to others within the church. The large chasm which exists between religion and psychological well being... Read more

47 % of Church buildings Have Determined They Will not Meet In Particular person for Easter | RELEVANT Journal

[ad_1] LifeWay‘s most up-to-date have a look at how church buildings are dealing with the coronavirus pandemic discovered that whereas a full 97 p.c of church buildings had stopped assembly for Sunday providers by the tip of March, solely about half have made up their thoughts about not assembly for Easter providers subsequent... Read more

Take Coronary heart, Pastor. Your Church Wont Be Empty Sunday.

[ad_1] This coming Lords Day, Im getting ready to do one thing Ive by no means executed: preach to a completely empty sanctuary. A stripped-down model of our service might be livestreamed from the church to our congregants as they watch from dwelling or in small teams. Ailing be one among lots of, if not... Read more

Construct Your Character and You Will not Must Fear About Your Repute: An Interview with James Merritt – Bible Gateway Weblog

[ad_1] In response to a Gallup ballot, 72% of Individuals consider the state of ethical values within the USA is getting worse. In a world of social media snapshots and sound bites, unseen private character appears to take a again seat to glamorized materials success, it doesn't matter what it takes to attain it. Bible... Read more

The way to Say God Is Devoted When Struggling Wont Cease

[ad_1] Its been a tricky 12 months for me. Whereas 2018 was crammed with artistic, monetary, and relational blessing, 2019 has been rather more tough. My spouse, Quina, and I've dealt along with her ministry burnout and discouraging well being points, alongside along with her grandmothers demise, relational strains with individuals we love, deferred hopes... Read more