Your Last Chance To Join Over 100,000 Believers Worldwide! – Tim Challies

Today is the last day to register for Sing! Global an immersive digital conference connecting pastors, leaders, and churches around the world to deepen worship. (Use coupon code CHALLIES to get 20% off. Sing! Global is sponsoring the blog this week.) What does it look like for our lives, families, and churches to be rooted... Read more

Christians help restart education worldwide – Mission Network News

International (MNN) One of COVID-19s most widespread casualties so far has been the education of young people all over the world. Over 1 billion students were affected this year as schools shut down to avoid transmission of the virus. David Durance says TeachBeyondoften has to deal with situations like the one in Northern Kenya, where... Read more

Nearly 2 Billion Bible Passages Spread Worldwide in 4 Years – Bible Gateway Blog

Content manager for Bible Gateway Almost two billion portions of the Bible were distributed worldwide between 20152019, according to the latest figures by United Bible Societies. The world population is 7.8 billion. [Read the Bible in multiple languages on Bible Gateway] One in eight of 1.8 billion Scriptures distributed last year was a Bible. Annual... Read more

Spoken Worldwide navigates humanitarian work and Gospel proclamation – Mission Network News

Kenya (MNN) Spoken Worldwide continues to meet peoples practical needs through the lens of the Lord who loves everyone. We reported on the situation in Kenya, where farmers, desperate due to COVID-19 lockdowns, were selling their daughters into forced marriages. How is Spoken Worldwide dealing with issues like this while still focusing on the Gospel?... Read more

Anglican Archbishop of Hong Kong defends national security law despite worldwide criticism

(Photo: Unsplash/Joshua J Cotten)The Anglican Archbishop of Hong Kong has voiced support for the widely criticised national security law imposed on the territory by Beijing. In a letter published in the Church Times, the Most Rev Paul Kwong said he welcomed the law's implementation and refuted the suggestion that it poses a threat to religious... Read more

Sammy Tippit Ministries livestream event reaches millions worldwide – Mission Network News

International (MNN) —Sammy Tippit Ministries livestream event proved a huge success, with over 4 million views between 11 pages enabling people all over the world to hear the Gospel message. Sammy Tippit explains that the event was livestreamed over Facebook in 11 different languages, each on its own page, enabling many people to hear the... Read more

Trump Executive Order Provides $50 Million to Advance Religious Freedom Worldwide

Trump Executive Order Provides $50 Million to Advance Religious Freedom Worldwide Calling it a moral and national security imperative, President Trump issued an executive order Tuesday providing $50 million to promote religious freedom around the world and to pressure countries that are the worst violators to change their policies.The order provides at least... Read more

Evangelism in full force despite worldwide pandemic – Mission Network News

International (MNN) — Ministries around the world are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, but they’re not letting that stop them from getting Gods Word to those in need. World Missionary Press (WMP) is just one organization whose humanitarian and outreach efforts have been made difficult by this pandemic. So much of what we provide for... Read more