When My Life Fell Apart, I Needed a Bible That Wouldnt

I dont think I can make it through this pain. I just dont see how. Ive heard that statement numerous times, with all the despair it carries. Ive even said it myself. In suffering or sorrow, when each day feels harder than the one before with no end in sight, Ive wondered how Ill make... Read more

Liberty University Yanked John Piper’s Convocation After He Said He Wouldn’t Vote for Either Candidate | RELEVANT

Jerry Falwell may be gone but the leadership at Liberty University is still making headlines. Just a week after Liberty hosted a video conversation between Christian pastor and author John Piper and Southern Baptist Convention president J.D. Greear, those videos have been yanked from the school’s online library and social media feeds. Christianity Today spoke... Read more

Trump Criticizes Biden: ‘a Man of Deep Religion’ Wouldn’t ‘Agree with the Bernie Sanders Plan’

Trump Criticizes Biden: 'a Man of Deep Religion' Wouldn't 'Agree with the Bernie Sanders Plan' President Trump on Monday doubled down on comments he made about Joe Bidens faith, saying the presumptive Democratic nominee cant agree with Bernie Sanders on a range of issues and still be a man of deep religion.Trump defends... Read more