Jason Bateman, Timothe Chalamet and Kristen Wiig Will Close Out the Year in ‘SNL’ | RELEVANT

It’s been a pretty wild year forSaturday Night Live, with the weirdly winsome homemade quarantine episodes, an unprecedented eight-show streak leading up to the election and the, let’s say, mixed reviews on Jim Carrey and Alec Baldwin’s face off as Biden and Trump. There have been bright moments, like Dave Chapelle’s riveting post-election monologue and... Read more

Franklin Graham: God Has Provided New Gospel Opportunities amid This Unprecedented Year

Franklin Graham: God Has Provided New Gospel Opportunities amid This Unprecedented Year Evangelist Franklin Graham, the president of Samaritans Purse and The Billy Graham Association (BGEA), is thanking God for the continued opportunity to share the gospel despite the challenges seen throughout 2020.In a post published on BGEAs website, the son of the late evangelist... Read more

2020 Has Felt Like Advent All Year

For many, 2020 has felt like one long groan. Between the pandemic, a struggling economy, the isolation of quarantine and online school, civil unrest, racial injustice, wildfires, hurricanes, a noisy election, and divisive public discourse, this year has reminded us again and again of our mortality, lack of control, and collective brokenness. As 2020 comes... Read more

A year marked by COVID-19 and economic instability creates fertile ground for the Gospel – Mission Network News

Lebanon (MNN) — In a year that has been extremely difficult all around the world, countries in the Near East are particularly struggling. Cry Out Now encourages prayer for Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Iraq as people in these countries search for hope. Hungry for Hope Jane of Cry Out Now explains that ministries in these... Read more

10 Old Fashioned Christmas Activities You Should Try This Year

I absolutely love traditions, especially Christmas traditions. This time of year feels full of wonder and hope. Something we could all use more than ever this year. It is a time of celebration and remembrance. A reminder God keeps His promises, even if they come in unexpected packages, like the year he sent a swaddled... Read more

‘Pray for This City’: Fourth Houston Police Officer Killed This Year

'Pray for This City': Fourth Houston Police Officer Killed This Year The Houston Police Department is grieving the death of its fourth police officer this year. Twenty-five-year veteran Sgt. Sean Rios died in a gunfight on Monday, according to KTRK News.The 47-year-old officer was shot several times on his way to the airport for the... Read more

5 Christmas Traditions to Resurrect This Year

This year has been a tough year. This is something we can likely all agree on. A global pandemic, increased tensions within our nation, and a hotly-contested presidential election have left many of us feeling stressed, weary, and anxious. What we can also all agree on is that we need some extra holiday cheer this... Read more

Chick-fil-A Is Americas Favorite Fast-Food Restaurant for 6th Straight Year, Report Says

Chick-fil-A Is Americas Favorite Fast-Food Restaurant for 6th Straight Year, Report Says For the sixth straight year, Chick-fil-A is Americas favorite fast-food restaurant in a major consumer survey.The 2020 American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), based on interviews with 23,312 customers, placed Chick-fil-A No. 1 in customer satisfaction among fast-food restaurants, followed in order by Chipotle... Read more

Rick Warren on the Year We Had | RELEVANT

2020 was different for all of us for the same reason. Political unrest, the COVID-19 pandemic and the summers Black Lives Matter uprising loomed large over the life of absolutely every American, but the details were intensely different. For some people, the pandemic meant a few months to finish that screenplay or learn German. For... Read more

One-Third of Pastors Have Endorsed Candidates This Year Outside the Church Role, Poll Shows

One-Third of Pastors Have Endorsed Candidates This Year Outside the Church Role, Poll Shows Protestant pastors are nearly unanimous in their decision not to endorse a political candidate from the pulpit this year, although roughly one-third say they have endorsed a political candidate outside of the church setting, according to a new LifeWay Research survey.The... Read more

Christmas seems to come earlier each year – but that’s a good thing!

(Unsplash/Koen Eijkelenboom)Every year it happens, round about this time. I hear Christians lamenting how 'Christmas comes earlier every year.' The supermarkets, shops and garden centres are already boasting Christmas displays, seasonal books are being published, Christmas jumpers, socks and pyjamas are on sale, and the shelves are filling up with lots more Christmas products. It... Read more

The Word You Can Use Once a Year (and No More) – Tim Challies

I recently discovered Readwise, an app that has a neat featureit sends a daily email with a randomized selection of highlights from books in my Kindle library. This has proven an interesting way to encounter information I have read but long-since forgotten. A few days ago Readwise surfaced a quote from a book I read... Read more

More than 200 Evangelical Lutheran Church Leaders Urge President Trump to Resettle 95,000 Refugees in Fiscal Year 2021

More than 200 Evangelical Lutheran Church Leaders Urge President Trump to Resettle 95,000 Refugees in Fiscal Year 2021 More than 200 leaders from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America are asking President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to commit to resettling more refugees in Fiscal Year 2021.As people of faith, we believe... Read more

A simple way to keep your kids spiritually grounded this school year

USA (MNN) — For the first time in living memory, kids have started a new academic year in the middle of a pandemic. For children attending school in-person, masks are now donned along with backpacks. Desks and doorknobs are heavily sanitized. And for those learning virtually or homeschooling, parents are suddenly tasked with facilitating or... Read more

Interpreting Rosh Hashana the head of the year

(Photo: Unsplash/Jackson David)This Shabbat we will be reciting the Sedra of Nitzavim (Deuteronomy 29:9 30:20) when G-d renews His covenant with the children of Israel. On the last day of Moses' life, G-d tells the Jewish people through him to 'stand firm', all of them young and old, male and female, whatever their station. For G-d, it... Read more

New grads consider a gap year amid job shortages – Mission Network News

USA (MNN) — In an economy stalled by COVID-19, recent graduates and current college students are staring down uncertain futures. Instead of seeking to beat out peers, many find themselves vying for their first jobs against more experienced workers. Glassdoor reports the availability of entry-level jobs is down68% compared to May 2019. For many, this... Read more

Im a New Pastor. What Should I Do During My First Year?

Id been a part-time church staff member before. Id also done informal ministry in numerous ways for nearly a decade. But Id never been a full-time pastor until this past year. Being an associate pastor is an entirely different animal. Howd it go? By Gods grace, as best I can tell, it went well. But... Read more

College or Seminary Student: Make the Most of This Weird School Year

No one knows what the 20202021 school year will hold for colleges and seminaries. If youre a student, how do you make the most of this school year when it may be in-person, hybrid, online, or all three at different times? Two of the biggest benefits of higher education are contentgaining information that can help... Read more

10 Verses to Guide Your Prayers for This Coronavirus School Year

Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that your brothers throughout the world are undergoing the same kind of sufferings.When I think about the state of the world my kids have to grow... Read more

The Falwells’ Former Business Partner Is Making Explosive Claims of a Seven Year Sexual Affair [Updated] | RELEVANT Magazine

Update:Jerry Falwell Jr. has reportedly submitted his resignation. Reuters has published an explosive interview with Giancarlo Granda, a former business partner of Jerry Falwell Jr.’s. Granda is alleging a years-long sexual relationship with Falwell’s wife Becki that involved the former president of Liberty University himself. Granda says he met the Falwells in Miami while working... Read more

How to Survive the First Year of Grieving a Loved One

This article is based on the book, Hurricane of Love.My two daughters were hugging my wife, Beth, and I was holding all three of them in my arms, when Beth took her last breath on October 30, 2015 at 2:40p.m. We had three years to consider the possibility that this day would come. Still, there... Read more

How to Face a Daunting School Year in a COVID-19 World

The arrival of the end of summer means only one thing, school is back in session. In true 2020 fashion going back to school is far more complicated than it used to be. Parents are having to make hard decisions about where or when their children will go to school. It is one of the... Read more

Pasadena Threatens Church Members with 1 Year of Jail for Attending Indoor Worship Service

Pasadena Threatens Church Members with 1 Year of Jail for Attending Indoor Worship Service The city of Pasadena, Calif., is threatening a local church with fines, jail and even closure for violating government restrictions prohibiting indoor worship services. The congregation, Harvest Church, filed a lawsuit in July against the state of California over the restrictions and... Read more

This Year, Harvest Crusade Takes Shape as a Cinematic Event

This Year, Harvest Crusade Takes Shape as a Cinematic Event LOS ANGELES (RNS) Every year in August, tens of thousands of people fill the seats of Angel Stadium in Anaheim, not for baseball, but for the weekend-long Harvest Crusade.A tradition for more than three decades, the Southern California evangelistic event, founded by Harvest... Read more

William Wade wins Sermon of the Year 2020

William Wade with his trophyThe winner of Sermon of the Year 2020 has been named today as William Wade.  Sermon of the Year is the annual award of Preach magazine and was held this year online because of coronavirus.  The award, in its fifth year, aims to promote the art of sermon writing and preaching across... Read more

The Unlocked teen devotional turns one year old – Mission Network News

USA (MNN) Keys for Kids’ teen devotional tackles touch topics through multiple genres and a Gospel lens. Unlocked was born when camp directors reached out to Keys for Kids Ministries and asked for a resource for teen campers. An editorial assistant at the time, Kandi Zeller helped shape what the new devotional would be. Now... Read more

For the 20th Straight Year, Americans Say Abortion is ‘Morally Wrong,’ Gallup Shows

For the 20th Straight Year, Americans Say Abortion is 'Morally Wrong,' Gallup Shows A plurality of Americans say abortion is morally wrong, according to Gallups annual Values and Beliefs survey, which also shows a record percentage of Americans saying divorce is morally acceptable.The poll, conducted May 1-13 and released Tuesday, shows that 47... Read more

Wake me up when 2020 is over: how to see the year through faithfully

(Photo: Unsplash/ToaHeftiba)When the fireworks were going off on New Year's Eve there was plenty of optimism for the year ahead. If 2019 was a difficult year then 2020 held promise for better things. The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown many of our plans for the year out the window. A year that held so much promise... Read more