3 Timely Resources for Your Church

Designed to help Christians of various starting points into biblical and theological truth, The Gospel Coalition has produced resources that can help your church during this fraught time. The gospel is for all of life, and it speaks a timeless word in every season.

Whether you’re interested in personal study or leading a small group, these studies will serve you and your congregation well. The studies have been designed to apply TGC’s confession and theological visionto local church life.

Imago Dei: Gods Image, Gods People, Gods Imageby Mike Cosper (LifeWay)

People are naturally compelled to ask questions of identity: Who am I? What am I worth? Why am I here? The answers culture offers only lead to more questions. To properly answer these questions, we need to look all the way back to the beginningto our creationand see that all people are made in the image of God.

Having a well-rounded view of the imago Dei will help us better understand ourselves, God, and the restoring work of salvation that comes to us through Jesus Christ. We can understand what God intended the imago Dei to be, how sin corrupted it, and how Jesus restores it through the power of the cross and the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit.

Imago Dei examines the image of God biblically within the grand narrative of Scripture, relationally as it applies to ourselves and others, and missionally in our service to others and in our obedience to the Great Commission.

Gospel Shaped Living, by Vermon Pierre (The Good Book Co.)

How should Christians live? The church should be a distinctive community of Gods peoplebut how different are we from the rest of the world? This track helps us untangle some of the false ideas and traditions that evangelicals have had in the past, and reveals the more deeply challenging picture that emerges from Scripture.

This flexible resource will train your whole church through teaching, preaching, daily reading and small-group Bible study and discussionor any combination of those elements. The overall aim is that your church will embark on a journey to discover the kind of people they should be as they are shaped by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Gospel Shaped Mercyby Stephen Um (The Good Book Co.)

Christians have rightly been suspicious of churches that give themselves to political and social campaignsand seem to lose focus on the gospel. But the gospel tells us that God is concerned for the relief of poverty, hunger, and injustice.

This track will help churches work out how to fulfill this part of our Christian call.

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