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Weekend A La Carte (August 31)

There are 4 (and precisely 4!) Kindle offers to take a look at right this moment.

On the Westminster entrance, there’s a whole lot of good group research sources on sale (for adults and children, to check matters or to check the Bible, and many others.).

(Yesterday on the weblog: Grandchildren Are the Crown of the Aged)

7 Takes To Changing into A Man

Anne Kennedy takes a have a look at a few of the marks of a person. “My girls are naturally inclined to grow up. They like order and beauty. My boys, on the other hand, are inclined to be lazy. I love the breezy good-natured tone and the practical sense of this list—it strikes right at the soul of a young man’s inclinations. I’ll just pull out seven, shall I?” Please do!

Half-Empty or Half-Full?

I at all times take pleasure in these seems to be on the joys and trials of serving far abroad. “This is a petrol station. At various intervals along the road, one sees little boxes or tables with two, or at most three re-purposed plastic water bottles now filled with fuel. In the mornings the gasoline glows pink with the rising sun as I drive east towards Bundibugyo Hospital. There is usually a quarter-litre (1 cup) or a half-liter (2 cups) option. Which means, people are buying gas a cup at a time.”

Continually (Dis)linked

Samuel James: “There was a time, not too long ago, when being online was universally considered an activity, something that people did for entertainment or business. Now it arguably would be more accurate to refer to the experience of the Internet as an existence. Many, perhaps most of us, are connected to the Internet so frequently, and so automatically, that we have a hard time imagining even a week without any online presence. We work, watch, debate, learn, reveal, celebrate, mourn, and confess online. And as we do this, we embodied souls are receiving a digital imprint.”

Discovering God Is Actually… (Video)

This video is supposed to be a little bit parable, I assume, to point out that discovering God is de facto…God discovering us!

How Pornography Makes Us Much less Human and Much less Humane

Right here’s a very good longform learn on your weekend. “Pornography deceives. Its sexualized depiction of human individuals guarantees the viewer what it can’t ship. However how pornography lies is troublesome to see, if solely as a result of our eyes have gone blind from our frequent publicity to the medium. Pervasive consumption of pornography dulls the thoughts: if we delightedly give ourselves over to falsehoods, we lose our capability to type fact from fiction. Sin has a compounding impact.”

Three Methods the Prosperity Gospel has Contaminated our Church buildings

Be aware: He’s not simply saying their church buildings, however our church buildings. “So many of our churches – otherwise sound, godly, healthy churches – have been infected by the prosperity gospel. Obviously, we’re not handing out lifts across the world in our private jets. We’re not typically telling people that, if you just trust God enough, he’ll make you rich. But we definitely do believe some soft prosperity lies. Let me land on just three examples.”

Learn how to Cease Praying the Similar Previous Issues

Right here’s a very good article from Don Whitney about easy methods to make your prayer life greater than praying the identical previous issues about the identical previous issues.

Flashback: The Fantastic thing about a Defiant Church

Although there have been tears in each eye, the church sang. They sang loudly, they sang skillfully, they sang defiantly.

Weekend A La Carte (August 31)

There is no such thing as a calamity just like the silence of God. —Kevin DeYoung

Weekend A La Carte (August 31)

Weekend A La Carte (August 31) Weekend A La Carte (August 31) Weekend A La Carte (August 31) Weekend A La Carte (August 31)

Weekend A La Carte (August 31)